VStarcam E27 Smart Kits

VStarcam E27 Smart Kits

l Come with universal remote control?can control devices with remote control, such as  TV?conditioning?projector, etc.

l 1080P, 720P, VGA triple stream.

l Support Windows?iPhone?ipad and Android phone.

l Smart phone APP remote control home appliances

l ZigBee/RF/IR remote control

l Built-in more than 100,000 kinds of remote control code database?and constantly updated.

l 1.0M FHD?Video is very clear and smooth.

l One key WiFi configuration, matching code in smart way.

l Built-in microphone and speaker, two way audio.

l Support up to 128G TF card storage, loop recording.



Embedded Linux OS

Online users

Support 4 online visitors simultaneously




Hi3518E chipset micro-processor